Pet accessories – OLANLY Dog Door Mat for Muddy Paws, Absorbs Moisture and Dirt, Non-Slip Washable Mat, Quick Dry Microfiber, Mud Mat for Dogs, Entry Indoor Door Mat for Inside Floor(30×20 Inches, Grey)


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OLANLY Dog Door MatOLANLY Dog Door Mat

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Discover OLANLY, a premium US brand since 2020. We specialize in luxurious bathroom rugs, door mats, outdoor rugs, and shower curtains. Each letter signifies a unique purpose:

O: OptimismL: Lasting AssuranceA: Anti-SlipN: Novel InnovationL: LongevityY: Yours Truly

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[LUXURIOUSLY SOFT CHENILLE] Treat yourself and your furry friends to unparalleled comfort with the OLANLY Chenille Dog Door Mat. The premium plush pile offers a soft, cozy feel under your feet and provides extra warmth for your pets on chilly floors. Expertly crafted for enduring quality, this mat effortlessly blends opulence with durability.
[ABSORBS MOISTURE AND DIRT] OLANLY indoor dog mat for muddy paws is crafted to efficiently remove dirt and swiftly absorb moisture. With our doormat, your shoes will be instantly free of any water, dust, grit, muck, sand, sleet, grass, slush, rain, or snow upon entering the house. It’s an excellent choice for use as an entryway door mat, a welcoming door mat, or a dirt-trapping mat.
[ANTI-SLIP TEXTURED RUBBER BASE] OLANLY’s mud mat for dog paws is equipped with a durable, textured rubber backing to prevent shifting and slipping. For optimal performance, avoid placing the mat on a damp surface and ensure the floors beneath the mat are completely dry.
[LOW PROFILE AND EASY CARE] OLANLY’s Chenille Dog Door Mat boasts a slim 1-inch profile, offering a sleek and streamlined appearance. The thoughtful design ensures your doors won’t get stuck, and the mat stays securely in place. Cleaning is a breeze – simply shake off any dirt or debris, or toss it in the washing machine for a deeper clean. It dries quickly, so you can be sure it’s ready to use again in no time.
[VERSATILE FUNCTIONALITY] Embrace the joy of your furry companion without the worry of mess. OLANLY mats are perfect for use indoors, outdoors, in a crate, or in the car. They’re ideal under food and water bowls, after baths, and for various other purposes. Whether you’re at home or on the go, we’ve got you covered!

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